Purrrfect Additions

Purrfect Additions to the Saginaw Children’s Zoo!

We are delighted to announce black-footed kittens! On June 1st, the keepers found black-footed cat mother, Meeka resting with two kittens!

The kittens are offspring of Meeka and Tut. Tut passed away due to an age-related illness on April 4th. Meeka turned 10 this year on May 8th.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the black-footed cat species is “vulnerable.” This means that their wild populations are declining and heading toward becoming endangered.  If something is not done to remedy the problems they face, the species may go extinct.

“This birth is a great accomplishment that we are very excited about. The success of the breeding program within AZA-accredited facilities for this species is vital to its survival. To be able to contribute to this program, it helps reinforce the difference our Zoo can make in the world for this species and many more. We can’t wait for the community to come out to the Zoo and learn about our black-footed cats while celebrating this success with us,” said Animal Collections Supervisor, Julia Terrien. “The kittens are doing well with their mother and will be closely monitored.”

Black-footed cats face challenges in the wild with loss of habitat, threat of hunters, and poisoned traps intended for other predators. While populations in Botswana and South Africa are protected by law, many factors contribute to continued population decline throughout other parts of their range.

Visit the Black-Footed Cat section of the website to learn more about this species!

Mother and kittens are viewable to the public.