Food for Thought!

Goat Nubian

At the Zoo, we believe a proper diet is essential to the overall health and well-being of every animal! Our animal care staff make sure that our animal friends eat fresh fruits, veggies, fiber, grains, and high-qualify meat and fish that reflect what each animal eats naturally in the wild.

Visit the Animals section of the website to see what each animal eats at the Zoo and in the wild.

Here’s a sampling of what’s on the menu around here:
  • Each of our shire horses eats about 40 pounds of “fiber medley” daily, while the miniature horses only eat 6 pounds per day.
  • Our three kangaroos eat 126 cups of Mazuri Kangaroo & Wallaby “chow” each week – obviously not an item we dash out and buy at the grocery store or pet food store. You wouldn’t believe our shopping list!
  • Last year, we went through 20 cases of apples, 67 pounds of bananas, and 380 pounds of sweet potatoes, along with berries, broccoli, carrots, celery greens, cucumbers, grapes, melon, oranges, pears and squash – much of it from local sources!
  • Our little penguin friends eat saltwater fish, which is trucked to us regularly…more than 2 tons worth annually.
If you’d like to help feed YOUR favorite animals this year, consider participating in our 2018 Animal Feed Fund. Click here to find out how!