Field Trips/Groups

Whether for education, exploration, or entertainment, your group visit is important to us! We want your experience to be exciting and memorable! So, please and thank you, will you help us with a few things?
  • Schedule your field trip with us in advance. We often have several groups visiting on the same day and we want everyone to feel special.
  • Reservations are the key to unlocking group admission and ride rates plus a smooth entry process.
  • Call (989) 759-1408 to schedule your field trip. We can’t wait to see you!

Group Rates

Available to groups of 10 or more, by reservation

  • $3.50 per person for admission
  • One (1) free teacher per 20 students
  • Zoo members enter for free (named adult on membership must be present with membership card and ID)
  • Ride tickets $1 per person/per ride or $5 unlimited wristband

Before the Fun Begins

Before arriving at the Zoo, pretty please print our group visit registration form and fill out with the correct number of children, adults, free teachers and rides. This helps avoid any delay in getting your group into the Zoo! We also have fun activities for you to enhance your trip with your students, curriculum focused! You can download them for use below. 

We designate your group leader or contact person as “the one in charge” of payment of the entire party, including parent chaperones. Please note: we don’t want to disappoint anyone, but parents paying individually are charged regular adult admission price.


To ensure a safe and positive Zoo experience for you and all your guests, as well as the safety of our animals, we ask that you bring a bring a minimum of one (1) adults for every five (5) children to accompany groups of children.

Upon arrival, please have your bus pull up to the front gate of the zoo. Your group leader should report to the admission booth with the registration form and group payment. A greeter will meet your group on the bus and welcome everyone to the Zoo.

If your group is traveling by car, please gather everyone at the front gate and have children sit, if possible, so that everyone can hear our Zoo staff.

Eating at the Zoo

You are welcome to enjoy a sack lunch in our picnic area inside the Zoo. Picnic tables are available on a first come, first served basis. For the safety of our animals, please avoid bringing glass or aluminum containers and drinking straws into the Zoo.

Courtesy and Safety

The Zoo is a magical place to be. It’s absolutely wonderful when we all respect each other AND the animals. We would be delighted if you would review the following information with students and chaperones BEFORE entering the Zoo:

    • Chaperones must supervise their groups at all times.
    • Please refrain from smoking inside of Zoo grounds.
    • Respect the barriers and fences around exhibits.
    • Human food can harm our animals –they're on special diets to keep them happy and healthy!
    • Help keep our exhibits and animals safe…please try to keep your belongings to yourself, out of the exhibits, and off the walkways.
    • Let our animals show you their natural behaviors at their own pace! Please be courteous and respectful while observing them!

Have a wonderful time at the Zoo. We hope you visit often!

Fun for your Field Trip

Below are documents used to enhance and enrich your field trip!