What is enrichment?

e3Enrichment is the fun toys, treats, and puzzles that we give to our animal friends to promote natural behaviors! Did you know that our passionate animal care staff provides enrichment to all of our animal friends every day? Enrichment helps keep the animals mentally sharp, physically healthy, and emotionally happy. Some examples of the behaviors our animal care staff like to promote are: foraging for food, solving puzzles, training behaviors for medical examinations, and encouraging play time!


How can you help enrich the animals?

As a not-for-profit, we rely on and appreciate any donations made to us by our wonderfully supportive community! Some items we use daily are things you can recycle in your own home! Cardboard tubes, cardboard boxes, newspaper, and gently used sheets and towels are just some of the items we can put to good use here at the Zoo.

Please see a full list of items here.

The animals are generally rough and tough with the items they receive as enrichment. Due to the wear and tear a beak, claws, teeth and hooves can do, we are constantly replacing toys like boomer balls, bird toys, and puzzle feeders. Get them shipped right to the Zoo! We have all kinds of enrichment items that our animals LOVE on our Amazon Wish List.

We always appreciate any form of donation for the animals and the people that take care of them. Learn how to donate here.


*All donations can be dropped off at the admissions gate any day of the week from 10am-4:30pm, or Monday-Friday 10am-4pm when closed for the season.
*If you would like to send us your enrichment donations, please address to: Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square, 1730 S. Washington Ave, Saginaw, MI 48601, ATTN: AC DEPT
*All donations are tax deductible. Please see our gifts-in-kind form here.