Our Adopt-An-Animal program at the Zoo benefits everyone! You can symbolically adopt any of the animals that we have here, and the proceeds support animal care, conservation, and education programs. It’s a fun and engaging way to get involved at the Zoo and to learn more about some of you favorite animals!

This is an example of our Protector Adoption Package.

There are three levels of sponsorship to choose from: Advocate, Guardian, and Protector. The cost of each level and what’s included is explained below!

Adoption Certificate Adoption Certificate Adoption Certificate
Animal Fact Sheet Animal Fact Sheet Animal Fact Sheet
5×7 Animal Photograph 5×7 Animal Photograph 5×7 Animal Photograph
Animal Plush Animal Plush
2 Tickets to the Zoo 6 Tickets to the Zoo


You can choose any animal here at the Zoo to symbolically adopt! You’ll get to learn some amazing facts about the animal you choose.  By adopting a Saginaw Children’s Zoo animal, you share your love for animals by helping ours receive the best possible care. With over 100 mouths to feed, your adopt purchase helps us buy the 20 cases of apples, 67 pounds of bananas, and 380 pounds of sweet potatoes, along with berries, broccoli, carrots, celery greens, cucumbers, grapes, melon, oranges, pears, and squash it takes to feed our animals. Much of the animal food comes from local sources, which is really important to us. Our African penguins eat saltwater fish, so that’s trucked to us regularly…more than 2 tons worth being shipped annually (which equates to 105 5-year-old children or the weight of two Cutie Pies!).

But even better, you’ll be helping us to make a world of difference for animals here – and everywhere.

Enrichment items, such as this jolly ball, are essential to the well-being of every animal in our collection, and are purchased through generous donations from our community!

To participate in this program, you can call (989) 759-1408 x 22 or visit here! Your adoption lasts an entire year, and you are encouraged to renew it to continue your support of all your animal friends! Once you order, your package should arrive within 10 days.

Saginaw Zoo Adopt-An-Animal package includes a plush that matches the species you choose however, there are a couple of exceptions due to the lack of availability which include: American crow, domestic duck, emu, red-tailed hawk, ring-necked dove, black-footed cats, and turkey vulture. You are more than welcome to adopt these species (in fact we encourage it!), you can choose any other plush to be included in your package, since a matching one is not available for those species.

The otter, penguin, and tamarin plushes are just some of the plushes that we have available in our Adopt-an-Animal packages!

Giving our animals the best quality care possible is what we strive for every day, and it wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of our community! By contributing to this program, you are directly supporting animal care and nutrition, and our education and conservation programs. It really does take a village. Thank you for being a part of ours!