Seasonal Employment


Admissions staff is responsible for selling admission tickets and ride tickets, maintaining a balanced cash drawer, checking in incoming groups, managing rentals of accessibility equipment. Requires proficiency with computers.


Concessions staff prepare and sell the concession food and drinks, maintain a balanced cash drawer, and clean and sanitize the kitchen equipment.


Lead summer camps, and our toddler program, Hatchlings!

Exhibit Educators

Exhibit educators greet visitors with a smiling face and facilitate safe interactions within our animal contact areas; the goat yard, the kangaroo walkabout, and the aviary.


Grounds staff are responsible for cleaning, maintaining, and closing the facilities. Including cleaning bathrooms, walkways, emptying trash/recycling bins, mowing lawns, etc. Requires proficiency with small engine equipment such as lawn mowers.


Ride operators conduct the train and carousel while facilitating a safe environment for visitors on the rides and ensuring visitors treat the equipment with respect. Must be at least 18 years old to operate rides.

Zoo Store

Zoo store employees are responsible for handling the sales of zoo merchandise from our gift shop, maintaining a balanced cash drawer, and restocking merchandise. Requires proficiency with computers.

Download Seasonal Employment Job Application (PDF)

Interested applicants should fill out the application and mail to or drop off in person at:

Saginaw Children’s Zoo
1730 S. Washington Ave
Saginaw, MI 48601

For more information, and to email your application, please email


We currently offer two types of internships: Animal Collections and Education. Our internship programs provide hands-on, real world experience for individuals interested in pursuing careers in an animal care or education-related field. While our internships are unpaid, they offer long-term, intensive working experiences that relate directly with your preferred course of study.  Upon completion of internships, we are more than happy to offer appropriate recommendations and advice. Click here for more information on our internships and to apply!