We are pleased that you have chosen the Children's Zoo for an exciting adventure this year! We are the premier place in the Great Lakes Bay Region for entertaining and educating children. Please keep the following information in mind when planning your trip to ensure a great experience.

Group Admission Policy

Group rates are available to groups of 10 or more, by reservation only.  

Please schedule your field trip with us in advance. We often have many groups visiting on the same day; scheduling in advance qualifies you for group admission and ride rates and helps ensure a smoother entry process for all.  Call (989) 759-1408 to schedule your field trip.

Group Admission:  $3.50 per person*Busses unloading students  Zoo Members enter for free, but one of the named adults must be present with membership card and ID for entry.

*Please Note:  1 free teacher per 20 students.

Ride Tickets:  $1 per person, per ride
Unlimited Wristband:  $5 per person


Group Registration Form


Registration forms must be printed and filled out with the correct number of children, adults, free teachers, and rides BEFORE arriving at the Zoo.  If the form is not filled out, it will delay entry into the Zoo for your group.

For more information or to make a group reservation, please call (989) 759-1408. 

Attention Teachers!!

The Zoo is now offering a self-guided scavenger hunt for classes! Please note that groups interested in the program must print materials in advance. Teachers are responsible for visiting our website for supplement materials and making adequate copies for students. This program is intended for students Kindergarten through 5th grade.  

Your group leader or contact person is responsible for payment of the entire party. Parent chaperones must be included in this payment to receive the group rate. (Please note: parents paying individually will be charged regular adult admission price, and will cause your group's admission to be delayed.)

Busses arriving at the Zoo 

Chaperones – To ensure a safe and positive Zoo experience for you and all our guests, as well as the safety of our animals, we ask that you bring a minimum of one (1) adult for every five (5) children to accompany children's groups. Six children will require two adults, etc.

Upon arrival, please have your bus pull up to the front gate of the Zoo. One adult, usually the group leader, is then required to report to the admission booth with the group payment. A greeter will meet your group on the bus to explain the Zoo rules. If your group is traveling by car, please gather your group and have children sit if possible.  Do not block the front entrance.  When orientation is finished, a staff member will lead your group to the front gate to enter the Zoo.

Eating at the Zoo – You are welcome to enjoy your sack lunch in our picnic area inside the Zoo. Picnic tables are available on a first come, first served basis. For the safety of our animals, please avoid bringing glass or aluminum containers and drinking straws into the Zoo.

Courtesy and Safety Staff member going over rules with students

The Zoo is a fun place to be, especially when our guests respect the Zoo and each other. Please review the following information with your students and chaperones before entering the Zoo:

  • Chaperones are to remain with, and supervise, their groups at all times.
  • If we see you smoking, we'll assume you're on fire and throw water on you ... just kidding. However, we are a non-smoking facility and we kindly ask that you refrain from smoking while on Zoo grounds.
  • Please do not cross the barriers or fences around exhibits.
  • Share your food with people instead of animals. People food can make our animals sick! Please do not feed the animals, including our roaming birds.
  • Help keep our exhibits safe and clean ... please do not throw anything into the exhibits, as this can be dangerous for the animals.
  • No one likes being picked on ... please do not chase, tease or yell at the animals.
  • We don't like sad goodbyes ... for the safety and enjoyment of all, guests who do not abide by these guidelines may be asked to leave.

We appreciate your cooperation and hope you have a great day at the Zoo!