Brown Bag Lunch

FREE program for adults

The Brown Bag Lunch Series occurs on the first Friday of the month in our Zoo classroom. The hour long program takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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January, 4, 2019— Lake Sturgeon: Michigan Living Fossil

Did you know lake sturgeon can live to be over 100 years old?  Discover even more fascinating facts about this ancient fish, steps your zoo is taking to recover this state endangered species, and ways you can be involved when you join us for the first program of the new year!

February 1, 2019—Mexican Wolves

Did you know the zoo is part of a wolf reintroduction program?  Learn about the special care and science involved in recovering this majestic species and why they are critical to a healthy landscape.

March 1, 2019—Frogs and Toads in Michigan

Ever wonder what makes those creaking, chirping, or whistling nighttime noises you hear in the spring?  Learn call information, basic identifiers, and fun facts about our native frogs and toads, their importance to us, and ways you can help at this month’s program!

April 5, 2019—Penguin Rescue

Can’t go to South Africa to save penguins?  We’ll bring South Africa to you!  Hear first hand experience from penguin keeper Megan Ohlrich about her South African visit to save wild penguins!

May 3, 2019—Cotton-top Tamarins

Zookeeper Mia will share fun stories and history about your favorite tiny monkeys. From their new exhibit to the ways your Zoo is protecting them in the wild, you’re sure to love these mini monkeys even more!

June 7, 2019—Celebration Square Carousel

Explore the rich history of the Celebration Square Carousel and its many connections to the Saginaw area.

July 12, 2019—Animal Training

Ever wonder how keepers give animals medicine?  Or how the animals prepare for meet and greets?  Expand on training basics from 2018 to learn even more about how training benefits both animals and people.

August 2, 2019—Zoo Education

Did you know we began a STEM program for elementary students more than 7 years ago, and that we offer this for free?  Experience the Living, Learning Lab program and see how the zoo betters your community.

September 6, 2019—Zoo of the Future

Join Marketing Specialist, Aimee, to learn what plans your zoo has for the future.

October 4, 2019—African Penguins

How does your visit to the Saginaw Zoo help save wild African penguins?  Learn this and more at this month’s zoo lunch series.

November 1, 2019—Breeding to Save Species

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes with baby animals and family planning?  Find out how science guides decision making so we have healthy populations of animals here, and in the wild.

December 6, 2019—Enrichment Basics

Ever wonder how we keep the animals active and healthy?  Participants will explore what enrichment is, why it’s important, and how you can make it for animals at the zoo, or at home!