Q: Does the membership run a calendar year (January thru December) or from the date of purchase?
A: A membership is good for one full year from the date of purchase. That’s a lot of adventuring!

Q: May I put my membership on hold?
A: Unfortunately, memberships become active immediately upon purchase and cannot be suspended. You are always welcome to purchase a gift certificate for someone to put toward a membership if you wish to present the membership as a gift at a later time.

Q: May I use my membership for special ticketed events, like Zoo Boo?
A: Specially ticketed events, like Zoo Boo and Brew at the Zoo, are additional fundraisers for the Zoo. Because of this, memberships, coupons, and free passes are not applicable towards admission. However, a majority of the otter-ly terrific events at the Zoo ARE covered by your membership, as well as the unlimited train and carousel rides!

Q: How many cards are included with my membership?
A: Generally, the Zoo issues two cards with each membership. A single membership will only receive one card, and any membership that has a caregiver will receive an additional card. You need only present one card at Admissions with photo I.D. to enter.

Q: Who can use my membership?
A: The named adults on the card may use a membership, as well as a named caregiver. If it's a family or grandparent membership, it also covers the number of their own children or grandchildren age 17 and under, as indicated on the membership card. Adults must present a photo I.D. along with their membership card at the Admission booth. Please note that children or grandchildren are unable to adventure through the Zoo without their named adults (as adults get really frustrated when they are left out of the fun).

Q: What is the difference between a caregiver and a guest?
A: The caregiver option is wonderful in that it allows a named caregiver to bring the children and grandchildren on a Zoo adventure without the other named adults! This option is perfect for families that have a nanny, babysitter, or family friend who often looks after the children or grandchildren. We ask that the caregiver present their photo I.D. at the Admissions Booth. The guest option is different in that a guest is unable to adventure without a named adult on the membership present. This option is great for families who are interested sharing their favourite Zoo activities with visiting friends and family members.

Q: I have a membership with a guest (not a caregiver). Can a guest use my membership without me?
A: Your guest membership feature allows any named member on a membership to bring ANY one general visitor with them to the Zoo for free! However, your guest is unable to go on their own WILD Zoo adventure without at least one member named on the card. Please note that your guest feature only covers one guest, and does not include all of the guests’ children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, third cousins, their favourite 2nd grade teacher, or their boss. Imaginary friends are more than welcome! We ask that one of the adults named on the card be present for a general visiting guest to be covered. Sorry, a guest does not add a name to the member card, nor does it replace a member name on the member card. At this time, we do not offer more than one guest per membership.

Q: How can I replace a lost/stolen membership card?
A: Uh oh—a sneaky capuchin monkey must have stolen your membership card! Don’t worry, we have you covered. A replacement card only costs $3. You may order with credit card by phone at (989) 759-1408, or visit the Admission Booth. You can then pick it up at the Admissions Booth during your next visit. You may visit the Zoo in the meantime by presenting your photo I.D. at the Admissions Booth, where you will be issued a day pass which features all of the benefits of your membership.

Q: I am a single parent with one child. Can I purchase a Dual Membership instead of a Family Membership?
A: At this time, dual memberships are available only for two adults living in the same household. We would recommend an individual membership with a guest for only $60, which will cover you and your child for a whole year of exploration and discovery!

Q: If I forget to bring my membership card, can I still visit the Zoo for free?
A: After remembering to grab the wagon, the snacks, the sunblock, and the kids, you arrive at the Zoo and—oh no! You forgot your membership card! Don’t worry, we have you covered. Just bring your photo I.D. to the Admissions booth to verify your status. You will be issued a day pass that acts exactly like your membership card.

Q: Why do I have to show a photo I.D. when I use my membership card to enter the Zoo?
A: To ensure that the membership program is fair for everyone, we ask to see photo I.D. to make sure that a named member of the card is present. We also want to protect our members should their cards be lost or stolen.

Q: Does my membership allow admission to other Zoos and Aquariums?
A: Your membership will grant you FREE or discounted admission to over 232 other zoos and aquariums accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) across the country! Please find our complete list here. As reciprocating facilities reserve the right to change reciprocal status at any time, please call the facility you plan to visit ahead of time to verify which benefits you will receive. Thank you for supporting AZA and its mission to Save Animals From Extinction!

Q: If I decide to join after my visit, can I apply the cost of my admission tickets towards my membership?
A: Of course! We do ask that you purchase your membership on the same day that you paid admission. Please note that only those individuals covered by the level of membership you purchase will have their admission cost applied to the membership.

Q: Can a Caregiver bring a guest?
A: The wonderful thing about our membership program is that it can be built to fit most situations. The caregiver can bring one guest with them if the card has a guest option. If the caregiver brings additional children or another adult and the membership does not have a guest, all additional guests not covered on the membership or not covered by a guest will need to pay admission and purchase ride tickets.

Q: What if my caregiver changes during my membership?
A: At this time, we are unable to transfer a named caregiver in the middle of a current membership. We apologize for the inconvenience! However, when you go to renew your membership, you will be able to change the name of your caregiver.


Still have a question? Contact Us by email or by phone at (989)759-1408!