Welcome to our Education page!  We are pleased that you have chosen our wonderful facility for your field trip experience.

The Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square provides habitats for the animals that live here. The job of the Zoo staff is to make sure that all animals have the appropriate food, water, shelter and space to live. The Zoo also strives to educate people about animals and their habitats. You will be visiting the habitats/exhibits of many zoo animals that are in trouble in the wild (threatened, endangered, or a species of special concern) because of human impact. Their habitat is being destroyed or polluted, or they are collected for their fur or the pet trade. 

The purpose of this lesson is to provide students with educational learning opportunities in the topics of ecosystems, the role of humans in ecosystems and conservation. This program teaches us that we share the Earth with plants and animals and that we are all connected. Upon arrival at the Zoo your group will have a short presentation on group visit rules from a Zoo staff member. Then your group is free to explore the Zoo at their own pace. Worksheets and teacher references are available for you to print out and use at your discretion. The lesson is split up by grade levels, and is free with the group admission price for all school groups. 

   Grades K - 2

Grades 3 - 5 


The Scavenger Hunt shares the following ideas with your students during their field trip:

  • Students will be exploring the Zoo and learning about habitat, ecosystems and conservation.
  • All animals, including people, live in a habitat. Habitat consists of food, water, shelter and space.
  • Plants and animals live together in ecosystems like lakes, forests, fields, deserts, oceans, etc.
  • Human impact causes dramatic changes to the world’s ecosystems, affecting animals and their habitats.
  • We have the responsibility to care for the Earth and protect ecosystems for animals and future generations. This is called conservation.
  • The Children’s Zoo is responsible for caring for its animals by providing habitat that is appropriate for each animal.
  • The Children’s Zoo also provides education in conservation and positive action for the natural world.
    • RECYCLE ROO PROGRAM: Recycling stations are located throughout the Children’s Zoo in which bottles and cans are collected for recycling.
    • ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY: The Children’s Zoo participates in the State of Michigan highway beautification program, in which litter is removed from the side of roadways.
    • SAVE THE RAINFOREST DONATION METER: Visitors to the Children’s Zoo can give donations to help save the rainforest from habitat destruction.
    • ANNUAL CONSERVATION EVENTS: Go Wild! Earth Day Celebration; Endangered Species Day; World Ocean's Day; Birds, Bugs, Butterflies and Blooms; Zoo Boo; Arctic Zoo Fest