support your zoo

Without your support, the Zoo would not be able to provide the Mid-Michigan area with the safe, fun, educational and beautiful experience that it does.

In 1987, the Saginaw Valley Zoological Society formed and took over management of the Zoo from the City of Saginaw in April 1996. The City subsidy ended in 2005. The Children’s Zoo receives no tax support. The Zoo is classified as a non-profit, 501-C3 organization.

The beautiful expansions and capital improvements at the Zoo are possible because of the generous support of local foundations. The care and feeding of the animals at the Zoo and the day-to-day operations are solely funded by Zoo gate admissions and donations.

There are many ways to support the Children’s Zoo.

Memberships to the Zoo are a great way to enjoy the Zoo at tremendous savings while supporting the Zoo's programs and operating.

The Zoo welcomes donations in many forms. General donations, which also includes memory or honorary donations and train and carousel fund donations are a great way to show your support. Donations to the Zoo’s endowment fund are also encouraged, to ensure that the Zoo will be able to provide future generations with family-oriented fun and education.

Corporate donations and event sponsorship donations are also ways to help the Zoo provide the events and programs that are so popular. 

Other ways to support the Children's Zoo include purchasing Engraved Bricks, our Adopt-an-Animal program and volunteering at the Zoo. The Zoo also has a Wish List that you can help replenish.

To better secure the future of the Zoo, planned giving through a will, trust, gift annuity or life insurance is another way to be sure the Zoo is here for future generations. Tax benefits apply, so consult your financial planner.

2014 Saginaw Valley Zoological Society Board of Directors 


Elissa Basil
Jennifer Jaffee
Vice Chair
Michael Kelly
Recording Secretary
Tara Girard
Michael Colby
Immediate Past Chairperson
Judy Weldy
Board Advisor


Board Members

Dave Case

Julie Kozan 
Andy Friend  Carol Lechel 
Sherrie Fritze-Harris  Mary Sue Markey 
Carrie Houtman Kevin Shultz
Clay Johnson  Sandra Worner 


Executive Director
Nancy Parker