The Saginaw Children's Zoo at Celebration Square has a couple of new NEIGH-bors waiting to meet you!

Last Wednesday, April 6th, a chilly and rainy evening was brightened by the arrival of two baby Shire horses. Perfectly named for the time of year, half-sisters April Dawn and May Flowers Fancy have moved into the former Clydesdale exhibit. Friendly, curious, and playful, the zoo believes that these two will be a BIG hit with the community.

ShireHorses forweb1

April Dawn, born April 28th, 2015, and May Flowers Fancy, born May 31st, 2015, have traveled to Saginaw from a family farm in Darlington, Missouri. These two have some mighty big hooves to fill--Bonnie and Josie were the two lovely Clydesdale ladies who lived in the yard for almost 10 years. After many years of bringing joy to boys and girls of all ages, the two passed away due to age related ailments. Based on their outgoing and friendly nature, April Dawn and May Flowers Fancy seem like just the right horses to move into the exhibit and take over the job of brightening the lives of those they meet.

Shire horses are considered “big” for draft horses--the breed has held world records in both largest overall horse and tallest horse at various times throughout history. Despite only being a year old, April Dawn and May Flowers Fancy will have no problem reaching over the fence to greet you and your family. They both are black in color, with a white blaze down their noses. May Flowers Fancy has an extra streak of white down her side, making it easy for visitors to tell the two apart.

Children's Zoo members are invited to be the first to meet these gentle giants during our Members Only Weekend, April 16th and 17th, from 10:00am - 5:00pm. The general public can come nose-to-nose with April Dawn and May Flowers Fancy when we open to the public starting April 23rd, 10:00am – 5:00pm.

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