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Amphitheater Shows

The Awareness Amphitheater shows take place each day during the season. Each show highlights a different animal, along with fascinating animal artifacts, provides interesting information, answers to audience questions, and may include the opportunity to touch the animal presented.

The Awareness AmphitheaterSnake presentation

Keeper Talks and Demonstrations

A Zookeeper's job consists of many things including walking an animal, cleaning hooves, animal training or even enrichment. Keeper talks and demonstrations allow visitors a look into different parts of a Zookeeper's job. Keepers will show visitors different things that they do during the day and answer questions about animals. 

Zookeeper target training a kangarooTarget training the alligator

Animal Feedings

Animal feedings offer visitors a chance to learn about an animals diet and see one of our Zoo animals enjoying a meal or snack. Zookeepers are present at all animal feedings to answer any questions. 

Penguin feeding