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Did you know that zookeepers provide toys, treats, and activities for your animal friends? This is called “enrichment,” and it is a very important part of our dedication to providing the animals at the Zoo the BEST possible care!

We have found that many of your furry, feathery, and scaly friends LOVE painting, which is a type of enrichment. With a little help from their zookeepers, each animal makes a one-of-a-kind art piece using their very unique painting techniques. Funds raised from selling these masterpieces will go toward the enrichment program at the Zoo!

Paintings come un-framed with the animal’s biography and a stunning picture! Clicking on each image will redirect you to another webpage to purchase the art. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and will be sold first come first served. On weekdays, during the regular work day, we will update the list to indicate which are sold. 


Ball Pythons
ArtSold ArtSold
 6x6 Piece 1  8x10 Piece 1
Eastern Grey Kangaroos
Kangaroo8x10Piece1 Kangaroo8x10Piece2
 8x10 Piece 1  8x10 Piece 2
Cotton-top Tamarins
ArtSold ArtSold
 5x7 Piece 1  5x7 Piece 2
ArtSold Tamarin8x10Piece1
 8x8 Piece 1  8x10 Piece 1
 5x7 Piece 3
North American River Otters
Otter8x8Piece1 Otter8x10Piece1
 8x8 Piece 1  8x10 Piece 1
Otter8x10Piece2 ArtSold
 8x10 Piece 2  8x10 Piece 3
Otter8x10Piece6 ArtSold
 8x10 Piece 6  8x10 Piece 5
  8x10 Piece 4
Black-footed Penguins
Penguin8x10Piece7 Penguin8x10Piece8
 8x10 Piece 7  8x10 Piece 8
Penguin8x10Piece9 Penguin8x10Piece10
 8x10 Piece 9  8x10 Piece 10
 8x10 Piece 11
White-throated Capuchin Monkeys
Capuchin6x6Piece1 Capuchin6x6Piece2
 6x6 Piece 1  6x6 Piece 2
Capuchin8x10Piece1 Capuchin8x10Piece2
 8x10 Piece 1  8x10 Piece 2
ArtSold ArtSold
 8x10 Piece 3  8x10 Piece 4
Capuchin8x10Piece5 Capuchin8x10Piece6
 8x10 Piece 5  8x10 Piece 6
 8x10 Piece 7