Trachemys scripta elegansturtleres port1


  • Emydidae


  • Up to 30 years


  • Male shell length: ~11.5 inches
  • Female shell length: ~9.5 inches


  • Native to Southeastern United States, but as a result of their popularity in the pet trade, their eventual escape of release from captivity improperly has resulted in this turtle being found on all continents except Antarctica.


  • Shallow, slow-moving freshwater with abundant plant life.


  • Omnivorous. Though young tend to be more carnivorous and adults tend to be more herbivorous.

Reproductionturtleres fb2

  • Oviparous, egg laying.
  • Females dig a jug-shaped nest in damp soil. Traveling over up to half a mile to find a suitable nesting site
  • Females lay 5-20 eggs per clutch
  • Up to three clutches per year
  • Eggs hatch after incubating for 60-91 days

Interesting facts

  • Considered one of the top 100 invasive species of the world

Conservation status

  • CITES –Not Listed
  • IUCN –Least concern


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