Cacatua sulphureacockatoosc port1


  • Psittacidae


  • In captivity up to 49.7 years
  • Unconfirmed anecdotal reports of over 100 years


  • Length: 12-14 inches


  • Found in the central archipelagos of Indonesia and on East Timor
  • Was once widespread and common in the 19th Century but by the 1980s had undergone a rapid decline and was vanishing from most areas of its former range.


  • Forest savannah, forest edge, scrub, and agricultural areas


  • In the wild: Fruit, flowers, and seeds


  • Mating season is from September to May.

Special adaptations

  • Calls are laud and vry raucous. Often gives a single harsh screech but also sweeter whistles and squeaky notes.

Interesting facts

  • Because of their small size, these birds are targeted by the illegal pet trade; this has had a devastating effect on their population and continues to be a problem to date.

Conservation status

  • CITES –Appendix I
  • IUCN –Critically Endangered


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