Gallus gallus domesticusOrpington1


  • Phasianidae

Common Name

  • Orpington Chicken


  • Average 8 years


  • Weight: Males – 10 pounds Females - 8 pounds


  • A domestic, hearty chicken that is found living alongside humans


  • Omnivores
  • In the wild: Insects and seeds
  • At the zoo: Game bird chow


  • The eggs produced are light to dark brown
  • On average lay up to 200 eggs a year

Interesting facts

  • Bred in Orpington, England by William Cook in 1886
  • Spread to America in 1903
  • Favored for its growth rate, egg laying rate, and table-top characteristics

Conservation status

  • CITES –Not Listed
  • IUCN –Not Evaluated


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