Zoo Crew Volunteer Program


Zoo Crew is a unique opportunity for teens to experience the exciting world at the Children’s Zoo! Spend your summer out in the sunshine while having fun, learning new things, and making friends! You'll gain valuable work experience that will carry with you on your resume as you apply for colleges and future employment.

Registration Form  
Please click the above link to go straight to the Zoo Crew Application. If you have any trouble with the application or more questions please don’t hesitate to call or contact Amy at Amy@saginawzoo.com

Deadline for Zoo Crew is May 26th 2018!

Deadline for Zoo Crew Leader is April 28th 2018!


Everyday Zoo Crew Responsibilities  

Visitor Services

  • Provide visitors with the opportunity to have their face painted or feed an animal
  • Assist with tasks to keep the Zoo clean and running smoothly

Exhibits / Education

  • Assist in greeting and educating our visitors in the Kangaroo Walkabout
  • Assist in the Goat Yard with animal interaction, and hay station
  • Help visitors offer a treat to the cockatiels in the Walk-through Aviary
  • Help to educate our visitors with Bio-fact Presentations

Horticulture / Grounds Maintenance

  • Assist in maintaining the Zoo grounds and gardens by watering, weeding, and maintaining common areas.

Zoo Camp / Hatchlings Toddler Program

  • Assist Zoo Camp or toddler program instructors with daily crafts and activities
  • Help to clean up and set up Zoo Camps or toddler programs

Animal Sections

  • Help to create animal enrichment projects


The Extra Responsibilities of a Zoo Crew Leader

Returning Zoo Crew will have the opportunity to be Zoo Crew Leaders. This very important position will assist with running and managing the Zoo Crew program, with such tasks as:

  • Making sure people are showing up for their shifts
  • Making sure each station is properly supplied
  • Making sure people are staying on task
  • Helping new Zoo Crew
  • Assist with other assigned tasks


The Details:


  • Applicants must be between ages 13-17
  • Commit to 40 service hours over the course of the program
  • Apply for acceptance into the program with recommendation from two non-related adults
  • Sign a release of liability form (parent and/or guardian)
  • Abide by Zoo policies and procedures
  • Attend a volunteer orientation with a parent and/or guardian
  • Report on time for scheduled service areas
  • Wear a designated uniform while on Zoo property
  • Have proof of current tetanus vaccine and negative TB test in the last six months


  • Start building your resume today by learning skills needed for future employment endeavors
  • Learn time management skills
  • Participate in group activities
  • Workplace responsibility
  • Gain confidence with public presentations
  • Learn what it is like to work in various areas of the zoo, and see if there is a future in a zoo for you
  • Spend the summer making new friends working with students from various schools in the area
  • Discounts available on food and Zoo Store merchandise while volunteering
  • Fulfill school requirements for community service (please see your school for requirements and needed paperwork)
  • Graduation certificate and celebration!


Please click the above link to go straight to the Zoo Crew Application. If you have any trouble with the application or more questions please don’t hesitate to call or contact Amy at Amy@saginawzoo.com


Zoo Camps


All camps take place outside! Camps at the Children’s Zoo are specifically designed to facilitate outdoor play and education while nurturing team-building and problem-solving concepts in a fun and encouraging environment. We encourage playing hard and getting dirty and/or wet! Please send your camper in clothes and shoes that can withstand these types of activities!

The possibilities are endless at our summer day camps! All Zoo camp sessions are two (2) days long, and include fun camp activities and crafts, a stylish Zoo Camp t-shirt (required to be worn both days) and a tasty morning and afternoon snack! Campers are required to bring a lunch with them both days.  This year we are excited to be offering early drop off and late pick up! If you want to drop off your child before 8:45 a.m. or pick them up more than 15 minutes after camp ends, this is a great option for you! Each day you sign up for is $10 whether you are signing up for early drop off, late pick up, or both.  If you sign up, more details about Before or After Care will be included in your camp acceptance letter from the Zoo.


2018 Zoo Camps Descriptions and Dates

* Parents should register their child for the grade the child will be going into in fall 2018*


Camps for K- 1st Grade

Mini Zookeeper (June 25th -26th & Aug 1st -2nd)

What do zoo animals eat? Do the animals get baths? Do they like toys? Get answers to all these questions and more in this FURtastic camp! Step into the boots of a zookeeper and learn what it’s like to take care of the animals here at the zoo!

Make animal crafts, play games and get your paws dirty in this camp while we learn to be mini zookeepers! 


Wild Things (June 27th – 28th)

Does your child love being outside, searching for frogs, and playing in the sun?

Well you might have a wild child!

This camp is for kids who love animals and don’t mind a little bit of a mess. Explore the outdoors, make nature crafts, and have fun in this camp. 


Mini Explorers (July 30th – 31st)

Get ready for a jungle adventure! Put on your safari hat and grab your binoculars for this camp! Get ready to learn about new plants and animals and dig for hidden treasure as we set sail for an exciting quest here at the Zoo!




 Camps for 2nd – 3rd Grade

Junior Zookeeper (July 9th- 10th & Aug 8th – 9th)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a zookeeper? Step into the boots of a zookeeper in this camp and learn what it’s like to take care of the animals here at the Saginaw Children’s Zoo!

We will learn what animals eat and the best way to care for the animals at the zoo. Be prepared to get a little dirty in this camp while having tons of wild fun!


Junior Explorers (July 11th – 12th)

Join us at the Children’s Zoo for a Wild Adventure! In this camp we will become wild explorers as we travel through the zoo, discover wild animals, learn to read maps, and hit the nature trails to find hidden treasure!


Operation Conservation! (Aug 6th – 7th)

Time to save the planet! Join the conservation experts here at the zoo learn how to get green, help the environment, and have fun along the way.

Sign up and join the mission! 


Zooseum: Wade Into the Wetlands (July 23rd – 26th)

MMCM and Saginaw Children’s Zoo Zooseum: Wade into the Wetlands starts in your own backyard! Explore the Saginaw Children’s Zoo (July 23 and 24) and the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum (July 25 and 26) as you learn about Michigan’s wetlands and the animals that live there. 


Camp for 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade

Zookeepers In Training (July 16th -18th)

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a zookeeper? This camp is for those who want to get up close and personal with the animals here at the zoo. Step into your boots and learn how to feed, train, and care for all the animals here at the Saginaw Children’s Zoo!



If you have questions email Carolyn or call at (989)759-1408

Engraved Bricks

A Magical Pathway

The Zoo Brick Project began in 1998 as an ongoing fundraising effort to support the Zoo. Each brick is engraved with a custom inscription of the purchaser’s choice. The bricks are placed along the walkway and plaza encompassing the River Otter exhibit, Train Depot and Alligator exhibit.

Inscription Information

You must complete an inscription for each brick you purchase
Please feel free to copy this form if you wish to order multiple bricks
Punctuation and blank spaces are counted as characters
Inscriptions on this form will be automatically centered on the brick
Please follow the inscription specifications


The example below illustrates an inscription for a 4” x 9” brick. The inscription area is up to 3 lines, 12 characters per line. Small bricks are $40 each.

I N   H O N O R   O F  
  J O H N   S  M I  T H  


The example below illustrates an inscription for a 9" x 9" brick.  The inscription area is up to 5 lines, 13 characters per line. Large bricks are $250 each.

      I    N       H   O   N   O   R        O   F      
   J  O  H   N                
   S  M  I  T  H              

You will receive an acknowledgement letter and you will be notified once your brick has been completed. Please allow 2-4 months for completion of bricks. Orders received between late summer and early spring may not be placed until the Zoo reopens.

Please keep in mind that additional bricks ordered at the same time may be placed near or adjacent to each other in the walkway, should space allow. Due to the overwhelming response, we are unable to honor any special placement requests. The Saginaw Valley Zoological Society reserves the right to refuse any submission it deems unsuitable for the purposes described in this offer.

Click here to order your Engraved Brick today!

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We are pleased that you have chosen the Children's Zoo for an exciting adventure this year! We are the premier place in the Great Lakes Bay Region for entertaining and educating children. Please keep the following information in mind when planning your trip to ensure a great experience.

Group Admission Policy

Group rates are available to groups of 10 or more, by reservation only.  

Please schedule your field trip with us in advance. We often have many groups visiting on the same day; scheduling in advance qualifies you for group admission and ride rates and helps ensure a smoother entry process for all.  Call (989) 759-1408 to schedule your field trip.

Group Admission:  $3.50 per person*Busses unloading students  Zoo Members enter for free, but one of the named adults need to be present with membership card and ID for entry.

*Please Note:  1 free teacher per 20 students.

Ride Tickets:  $1 per person, per ride
Unlimited Wristband:  $5 per person


Group Registration Form


Registration forms must be printed and filled out with the correct number of children, adults, free teachers, and rides BEFORE arriving at the zoo.  If the form is not filled out, it will delay entry into the zoo for your group.

For more information or to make a group reservation, please call (989) 759-1408.

Your group leader or contact person is responsible for payment of the entire party, including parent chaperones. (Please note: parents paying individually will be charged regular adult admission price.)

Busses arriving at the Zoo 

Chaperones – To ensure a safe and positive zoo experience for you and all our guests, as well as the safety of our animals, we ask that you bring a minimum of one (1) adult for every five (5) children to accompany children's groups. Six children will require two adults, etc.

Upon arrival, please have your bus pull up to the front gate of the zoo. One adult, usually the group leader, is then required to report to the admission booth with the group payment. A greeter will meet your group on the bus to welcome your group to the zoo! If your group is traveling by car, please gather your group and have children sit if possible so that everyone can hear our zoo staff, who are excited to meet you! 

Eating at the Zoo – You are welcome to enjoy your sack lunch in our picnic area inside the zoo. Picnic tables are available on a first come, first served basis. For the safety of our animals, please avoid bringing glass or aluminum containers and drinking straws into the zoo.

Courtesy and Safety Staff member going over rules with students

The zoo is a fun place to be, especially when our guests respect the zoo and each other. Please review the following information with your students and chaperones before entering the zoo:

  • Chaperones are to remain with, and supervise, their groups at all times.
  • If we see you smoking, we'll assume you're on fire and throw water on you ... just kidding. However, we are a tobacco free facility and we kindly ask that you refrain from smoking while on zoo grounds.
  • Please do not cross the barriers or fences around exhibits.
  • Share your food with people instead of animals. People food can make our animals sick! Please do not feed the animals, including our roaming birds.
  • Help keep our exhibits safe and clean ... please do not throw anything into the exhibits, as this can be dangerous for the animals.
  • No one likes being picked on ... please do not chase, tease or yell at the animals.

We are excited to meet you, and we hope you have a great day at the zoo!

Read all about what's going on at the Children's Zoo!

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