Capra hircus Nubians1


  • Bovidae

Common Names

  • Nubian Goats


  • Height at shoulder: Males- 35" Females- 30"
  • Weight: Males- 175lbs Females- 135lbs


  • Because they are able to produce milk year round, and because they are well adapted to hot climates, Nubians are popular in tropical regions


  • In the wild: Wild grasses
  • At the zoo: Timothy/alfalfa hay daily with grain, treats, and fresh produce as enrichment or reward.

Special adaptations

  • Nubians have a longer breeding season; as a result, they can produce milk year round

Interesting facts

  • Nubian goats were hybridized in England of Asian, African, and European origin goats
  • The name comes from the region of Africa where the African goats of the lineage were imported from.

Conservation status

  • CITES –Appendix I
  • IUCN –Not Evaluated


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