African Pygmy Goats

Capra hircus

Meet The Pygmy Goats
Flash Fraser
Flash Fraser
Conservation Status
CITES –Appendix III
IUCN –Not Evaluated


  • Bovidae


  • 10-15 years


  • Height at shoulder: Male 17-22 inches Female 17-21 inches
  • Weight: About 35 pounds


  • This breed originated in the Cameroon valley of Africa, where it was first domesticated
  • Because they are domesticated, pygmy goats can be found most places there are humans


  • Ruminants
  • In the wild: Grasses, herbs, lichens, and other plant matter
  • At the zoo: Mazuri goat chow, timothy/alfalfa hay, and grain



  • Twins are typically born, single and triple births being the next common
  • Gestation lasts about 150 days

Special adaptations

  • Pygmy goats are much shorter in stature than other domestic goats
  • Females produce a formidable amount of milk for their size
  • Goats, as well as most ruminants, have horizontal pupils!
  • Those things on Fraser's neck are called wattles. Similar to a chicken's wattle, goats and pigs are the only mammals that can develop them.


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