You have GOAT to meet our newest friends!

Bouncing, leaping, and prancing—these are just a few of the silly antics our newest residents like to pull. Flash and Fraser, two adorable baby pygmy goats, will soon be seen hoofing it around the goat yard. The two will join Bandit and Buttons, the alpine goats, in mid-June. Check out our Facebook page daily for the most current, up-to-date news at the Zoo, including the goats official debut date!

Pygmy goats originally hail from West Africa. Their friendly, curious, and playful nature, as well as their hardiness and ability to adapt to most climates, has allowed the pygmy goats to spread all over the world. Enjoyed as both pets and dairy producers, pygmy goats can be found on many farms across the United States.

The goat yard is now officially open for visitors to enter and join our hoofed friends. Kids (and kids at heart!) can now pet and groom the goats, allowing for tactile learning and development.

Fraser, mostly white with caramel flecks and black feet, is the big softy between the two. He will probably be found leaning against your legs, or nibbling gently at your shoelaces. Flash, on the other hand, is ready to show off his fearless leaping abilities! Mostly black with two white racing stripes up his sides, he is often seen bouncing off of various logs and rocks as he fights invisible bad guys. 

Flash Fraser